Say goodbye to flat and hazy paint, and say hello to glossy and deep finishes! At Apex Auto Detail, we offer ceramic coating and detailing services that set a new standard in paint protection. Experience our seamless and turnkey ceramic coating services for yourself.

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Apex technician applying ceramic coating
Beautiful car restored and detailed by Apex Auto Detail
Dodge Viper that was detailed by Apex Auto
A picture of a ceramic coat being applied
The owner of Apex Auto Detail
The owner of Apex Auto Detail correcting paint

Take your paints finish to a whole new level with ceramic coating

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crystal package

Looking for a brilliant and long-lasting clear coat finish that won't break the bank? Our Crystal Package checks every box, and levels up the beauty of your vehicles paint!
what's included:
stage 1 paint correction (removes 70%-75% of swirl marks & scratches)
2-3 year system X nano ceramic coating

Pro package

Throw that old buffer in the trash, cause your vehicle's paint is going places and ready to turn heads. Our Pro Package involves a multi-step paint correction process!
what's included:
stage 2 paint correction (removes 70%-90% of swirl marks & scratches)
6 year system X nano ceramic coating

max package

Looking to pull out all the stops when it comes to glossy, mirror-like finishes? Secure your investment for the long haul with our Max Package!
what's included:
stage 3 paint correction (removes 95%-99% of swirl marks & scratches)
10 year system X nano ceramic coating

all packages include:

Foam Bath pre-soak
deep clean wheels
gentle hand wash
paint clay bar decontamination
paint iron remover exfoliation
de-ionized water rinse
detail door jambs
polish exhaust tips
pneumatic air dry
exterior & interior glass
paint sanitation
trim masking
digital paint inspection
engine bay detailing
full interior detail
Man detailing interior of car

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